Give a phoneCall to Yourself!

Give a phoneCall to Yourself!

I know You know this, You are That someone, no one could ever be… 

But I just want you to ask, forget music, love, people, universe, movies, lover, and parents and forget reality. 

Face yourself… ! can you do that?

Yesterday, I was swiping my photo gallery. 

And then I realized I faced the camera soo soo soo gracefully but that eye contact which I did with camera that I never did to myself. 

And then, I started seeing my photographs.
Obviously, It has different poses, Innovative creations of photographs, has new angles but there was a common simple thing that was constant.

“My Eyes!”

Whether I am looking back or straight into the camera, my eye contact with the camera is not distracted in a single frame. 

Then I started seeing the eyes of my pictures. 

and I got to know that, I got so special feature that everyone has but no one tries to see that in this deep level. 

‘Ek Aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai’

This line suits to my eyes… 

Then unknowingly I went to the mirror And then I look deep into MY eyes… 

You know, It has the universe of emotions. !

And the best thing was that, my eyes were showing me the facts of the Today that if I am complete that’s my struggle and if I’m not then that’s my Struggle too. 

So if you are broken it’s not because you have some flaws. It’s because that stuff has time to get up to you… 

You just need a hug from yourself… Just do it.

Trust me, I literally spread my arms, and just like to hug someone and take them into arms. I took myself in my arms. 

I hugged myself, I cuddled my feeling, I pampered my liveliness and I got that cosy, warm hug from myself! 

Ohhgooood! Ittttt…. was a….. massive feeling and great attention coming from my side to myself. I never ever thought to cross the bridge to reach to original me. 

But there my thinking comes and I did it!

I meet to my world & surprisingly, I got my kinda world where everything is just like what I wanted to be… 

I was full of joy, happiness and full of ME! 

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